Hermosa Nights

A long time ago, In August 2014, I was living in a garage in Hermosa Beach and shooting whatever content I could. On Labor Day weekend, I convinced a bouncer at a nightclub in Hermosa Beach that I was the club photographer of the night. It couldn't have been more of a lie, but I looked the part with the long hair and black V-neck. What ensued was 8 hours of documenting lights, music, drugs, and alcohol in roughly 4,000 square feet of space. I hardly participated in the revelry aside from a few drinks and some dancing because people in party mode are a sight to behold. They scream, sweat, drink, laugh, black out, and in general try to have sex with each other. It's ridiculous, and it perfectly encapsulates the South Bay lifestyle of Los Angeles, CA.

I hope you enjoy the chaos.