New Places... Fresh Thoughts

Getting artsy and blown away by how seriously big and climbable those cliffs Parque La Huasteca, Mexico.

I've been in Mexico for 3 weeks. Every day has been filled with hard work, shooting, and editing, and that's not going to change for a long time. This is brand new adventure, and keeping it an adventure requires hard work 24/7. It requires a change, if you will... in lifestyle, career, and destinations. I couldn't be more thrilled.

Essentially, I threw out my old portfolio, trashed my first website, and bought a one way ticket. Everything is gone, and I'm starting from scratch. I like it.

Every day I get better and I learn something new, and each day is another chance to grow, create, and share. Not all images or moments will be perfect, but that is the way of artistry. You work. You analyze. You improve. You move on to the next one. 

I hope you, the viewer, finds this work to your liking and the stories therein captivating, and maybe, just maybe, we can share a rope and taco somewhere down the line.

 See you out there,