Feeling spry in Bali. Febraury 2018.

Feeling spry in Bali. Febraury 2018.

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"Matthew is a natural storyteller. He understands the interplay between character and plot, and the ways in which cinematography can illuminate and add depth to the story he's trying to tell. We've worked with him on some pretty complicated movies, and I've been really impressed by his patience, intelligence, imagination and, most of all, energy. Something Matthew gets deep down inside is this: making movies is hard, and it doesn't matter how amazing your ideas are if you can't convert those ideas into something real and powerful. Matthew is a master at making things happen."- Peter Savodnik, Executive Producer, Stateless

"Matthew stood out immediately when I saw his reel and bio. He was a shoe in after a quick phone call; his energy and presence were exactly what I was hoping for. Having spent almost a day sorting through over seventy applicants for a live, impromptu music video, I had a specific person in mind: a shooter in their own right - not just an operator - and driven by quick decision making and proficiency in multiple camera platforms. Agile, driven, willing to work hard and push harder. Someone you can trust with your career - words not lightly written. And when I met Matthew, I knew that I'd selected a peer. His ability work with our other crew and to lead and assist where necessary were exactly what I'd hoped for. I couldn't recommend an individual more highly. " -Jon Ryan, Producer and Cinematographer, Tangent Mind Productions
"Matthew joined me on adventures across northern Mexico. Whether it was pioneering new big wall routes or exploring the unknown canyons, Matt brought nothing but endless enthusiasm and skill that captured the very essence of adventure and fun. Having never met Matt before his arrival in Mexico, I can say that now he is nothing short of a brother to me and my go to guy when I know there's difficult shots to get and unknowns to discover."  -Gaz Leah, Professional Climber, Producer, and Writer
"It's rare in this world to find someone so dedicated to his craft. Matthew embodies the passion and commitment that it takes to create truly unique work. While working for the National Outdoor Leadership School and climbing in the foothills of the Wind River Range, I worked Matthew Parent on many assignments and I was continually surprised with his work ethic to complete the assignment, the quality of the final product, and the ease of working with him. Matthew is by far the first person I think of when considering any motion or photography work." -Michael Nerby
"Matt pitched me on a 3 image commercial shoot featuring my products, and from start to finish it was all class and professionalism, not to mention hanging out with the guy was pleasure. When I have the budget, I'd work with him again for sure. Nothing but love." -Guy Thompson,  Bali Aesthetics
"I feel so honored to have worked with Matthew on several different photoshoots for my Bali-based jewelry brand. Matt is one of the most professional photographers I've worked with. He took my inspiration and vision and made it reality. Could not be more stoked with the results!
He was able to work with my models, who had no on-camera experience, and not only made them feel completely comfortable, he also made them look and feel like naturals. You can tell during a shoot with him that he's thoroughly enjoying each and every click of his camera. It was like he was eager to capture every angle of a location or scene, just to be sure we'd get the shot. And he got the shots - it was hard to choose! The photos are truly amazing and I've gotten great feedback from my customers.
His humor made every shoot we did super fun. We shared many laughs and made great memories. To me, it's really awesome when you can have fun and work at the same time, and Matt definitely has this balance - it's kind of the foundation of his work ethic! Can't wait to work together again on more epic photoshoots!" -Alessandra, Bali Bracelet
"He turned out alright." -Matt's Dad


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