Matthew's motion work has led him a few places. He's shot big wall climbing in Africa, chased tiger sharks in the Galapagos with Discovery Channel, and followed avalanche researchers with National Geographic. His forte is the run-n-gun, down and dirty, kinda work where he gets personal with the stories he's seeking. Whether he's sloshing through the jungle with 4 hours of sleep or bouncing in the back of a pickup in Oaxaca, he'll be the happiest guy around. Oh, and please be patient... he's updating his reel!

Drone Reel

This is a quick summary of what I've shot with the little flying machine so far this year. Enjoy!


Motion Reel

The reel is currently being remade in all it's updated glory.

Please standby!


Claim Freedom: Into the Clouds

Produced by Adidas Outdoor/Stateless Media


Director/DP: Matthew Parent
Produced by Stateless Media 

Matthew recently filmed the story of Cejitas, a 20-year-old boxer who loves three things: his father, his girlfriend and, most of all, his eight-month-old son. Watch this embedded verite documentary of up-and-coming fighter from Monterrey, Mexico. 


Director/DP: Matthew Parent
Produced by Stateless


Imagine Dragons Live in Las Vegas

Director: John Ryan
Director of Photography: John Ryan
Camera Operators: Matthew Parent (Interview and B-Cam), Greg Stevens, Sean Gearing, Ryan Tangis


"Portraits of Dagaa"

Director and Photographer: Justin Bastien