Burning Man...

Burning Man is annual gathering in Black Rock City, a temporary city in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. There, attendees explore various forms of artistic self-expression, created in celebration for the pleasure of all participants, who take on wildly unique costumes and personas throughout the week. 

At least, that's what they say on the website. To me, Burning Man is the most eclectic and wild gathering of right-brain individuals from all walks of life with a mind-boggling desire to be as crazy as their bodies will allow. Throw in insane amounts creativity, money, and drugs (let's be honest) and you'll get the most intriguing looking people outside of India. That being said, attending is a beautiful experience that can only be lived. It can not be told or shown. 

This portraiture series is a humbling attempt at showing the spirit of those that attend. These images were taken at random opportunity, and there were thousands of people to choose from. Almost every single one of these people are friendly, spontaneous, and lively beyond description. Meeting them was a pleasure.