Matthew Parent

the gist

Matthew's motion work has led him a few places. He's shot big wall climbing in Africa with Adidas Outdoor, chased tiger sharks in the Galapagos for Shark Week, and followed avalanche researchers with National Geographic. His forte is the run-n-gun and down and dirty work where he gets personal with the stories he's seeking. He welcomes being sleep deprived and uncomfortable, and so whether he's sloshing through the jungle with 4 hours of sleep or bouncing in the back of a pickup in Oaxaca, he'll be the happiest guy around.   


the details

Years ago Matthew graduated from Virginia Tech and bought a camera and some climbing gear, wandering and climbing his way through his early twenties, driving here and there in search of rock. Eventually he found his place, and these days he's at home in the camera department... focusing on documentary storytelling to whatever project he is working on. 

At the heart of his ambition, lies a desire to tell meaningful stories that educate, inspire, and impact as wide an audience as possible. Powerful stories and epic adventure drive his ambitions every single day, and so you'll find him focused, laughing, and happy regardless of the assignment or how bad it gets. Check him out, and bring him along for the next assignment. Afterwards go climb a few pitches, grab a street taco, and talk about where you guys want to go next. 

let's get a story